9 is

  Here is 9. Here is hope, and joy, and grit, and determination, and silly, and grace. Charlotte is full of happy. She is full of imagination,  compassion, creativity, and JOY. You all know how desperately we have needed to visualize her just like this today, and our prayers came true. I get bogged down like we all do with adulting and parenting but I think if Charlotte could truly ask for one gift from anyone, it would be to pause what you think is so important and just go play with the ones you love. Be in the moment with them and soak them in. Everything else can wait. Charlotte’s ask this evening is for us to take her to the pet store so she can pick out a hamster so here we go😂Happy 9th to our baby girl! We know you are all celebrating right along with her/us!

Best scan day ever

  First of all Charlotte remains CLEAR with no evidence of disease! Second of all it was the “Best scan day ever!” according to Charlotte and there have been so many scan days…but yesterday she got to bring GIFTS she helped to pick out to Duke Children's Hospital from Be The Rainbow Foundation! Thanks to all of you and your generosity, we could help some special kids, their siblings, and parents while they face childhood cancer💕🌈 Thank you all for all of your love and prayers…she gets 6 months until her next evaluation! With each scan, a mountain and a milestone. She will keep going, keep moving forward and shining that light of hers

Rainbows please keep raining

Image I had just finished telling Charlotte I felt a rainbow coming on after her appointments at Duke Children’s today and then one appeared. Charlotte said “Hi God!” I believe she will always feel He is with her and isn’t that a true gift.  The video and photo is from 5 years ago YESTERDAY when we had a party at Duke Children’s to celebrate the END of 18 months of cancer treatment for our Charlotte! While waiting for scans, a musician set up their violin and started playing “Somewhere over the rainbow” right in front of us. So many God winks along our journey to heal Charlotte. We believed it was over but the cancer started to come back almost 2 years after this video. More was to be asked of Charlotte and our family. 5 years is the “magic number” in the stage IV, high risk Neuroblastoma world. That is when they stop monitoring for recurrence. Charlotte is working her way to this 5 year milestone and thank you for praying with us that we

Scan week again🌈

 Well village, the week is finally here. The first time we have gone 6 months since scans and Charlotte will have her Duke check up appointments and scans Thursday and Friday this week. Most of you know Brian and I tread water during these weeks with an indescribable feeling in the pit of our stomachs. It’s not because we don’t believe or our faith waivers, but it’s because of what we’ve seen and done and what we’ve watched Charlotte endure and the fear that maybe just maybe it really isn’t all over. Hope is the only thing stronger then fear.  The last time we pushed scans back even a little was to 4 months in 2019 and the doctors found a new tumor just starting to grow into her femur. It was Neuroblastoma that returned or never died and no one knows where it came from nor where else it might also be hiding. Charlotte beat it back again but standard care is scans for 5 years and this cycle will be 2.5 years off all treatment and 3 years since her scans showed all clear. We are half way

Under Way!

I remember the day Brian went bald for St. Baldricks. 2 years to the month later Charlotte would become so sick and be diagnosed. Never could we of imagined he would be doing something that could help fund research that could help our own baby girl. 2 years later, Parker would start his own page for St. Baldricks to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and he too would buzz off his hair in honor of his sister. So when you create your own page for Be The Rainbow Foundation, you are helping others in ways you may never have imagined. We are under way with many people starting their own fundraising page during this month of September in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We are starting to get some pictures of hair dares being completed!  We wanted to start a simple fundraiser that anyone could do from anywhere, anyone could customize to their own comfort level and have some fun, and to help us GROW by sharing with all of those in your own social networks. We are under way du

Going Gold this September

  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and this picture brings back a flood of memories. It was one of the only ones Charlotte let me snap when she lost all of her hair for a second time when her cancer returned. She should have been with her Kindergarten class that day but she was hospitalized for over 2 weeks because she needed high dose chemo once again to knock down what was trying to grow and take her away. It looks like we are having a ball. But my stomach was a ball of knots. She would soon find a hat that helped her find some confidence because she wasn’t 3 anymore and she felt strange without hair. She would also be very very sick for a period of time after this picture as the chemo coarse through her veins, helping to give her a chance to grow up. There was once a time we didn’t have a child with cancer either. Please help us help the children and families who face this. I cringe when someone says the words “rare” in the same sentence of pediatric cancer when I know

A needed God wink today

I would of walked on by without a second glance, but Charlotte stopped me and wanted to read this almost hidden poster below at Duke Children’s Hospital today when we went in to have her damaged hearing aids replaced. She has cried a river over getting hearing aids again after an entire summer of not having them. She is afraid she will be different from her classmates and that people will make fun of her. She told me yesterday “Why did I have to have cancer! I hate it! It’s going to ruin my life.” And for a while she resisted me holding and consoling her…a piece of my heart breaking with every hurt sob. On a scale of mild to moderate to severe to profound, Charlotte’s hearing loss is severe. Brian and I have walked her through the power of these aids helping her especially in school but of course she is 8 and doesn’t want to stand out. Brian and I know hearing loss is a small price to pay for what she needed to go through to even be here, but our momma and daddy hearts break watching h